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International Excellence Scholarships
Scholarship Name International Excellence Scholarships
Academic Year 2020
Scholarship amount £5,000
Nationality Any

We are pleased to announce the launch of International Excellence Scholarships in 2020 for our MA courses, worth £5,000 each. Please see the list below for details of all MA courses that currently are awarding International Excellence Scholarships.


These scholarships have been created in order for the University to recognise artist merit and support international students with their studies. The scholarships will be awarded by each MA Course Leader based upon your AUB application and submitted portfolio.

-MA Animation Production
-MA Commercial Photography
-MA Design and Innovation
-MA Digital Fashion Innovation
-MA Film Practice
-MA Fine Art
-MA Graphic Design
-MA Historical Costume
-MA Illustration

Financial Amount

Each scholarship awarded is worth £5,000 each. Students successfully awarded the International Excellence scholarship will have the award amount removed from their tuition fees.

No other discounts (i.e. early bird payment discount) or financial bursaries can be used in connection with this award.


To be eligible for consideration for an International Excellence Scholarship you must have completed and submitted your application and portfolio to AUB for one of the MA courses listed below by 1st June 2020 and be an overseas-fee paying student. You do not need to fill in any additional application forms or documents to be eligible for this scholarship.

If you are successful and selected to receive the scholarship, you will be notified of the decision by the end of June 2020.

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