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University of Bath MBA scholarships
Scholarship Name University of Bath MBA scholarships
Academic Year 2021
Scholarship amount Up to 30% of the tuition fee
Nationality Any
Scholarship Deadline 31 July 2021

We have over half a million pounds in scholarship funding available to support talented MBA candidates from around the world.

Awards range from £3,000 to 30% of the tuition fee, across both our Full-time and Executive MBA programmes.

If we award you a scholarship, you’ll be expected to act as a Bath MBA ambassador to help us attract future MBA candidates.

How to apply

We are pleased to offer significant scholarship funding to our most talented applicants.

A range of scholarships are available. If you’re a self-funded candidate we’ll automatically consider you for all scholarships you are eligible for when you apply. You do not need to provide additional information.

Scholarship criteria

We decide scholarship awards based on criteria that include professional track record, academic credentials and skillset.

We also look at your potential to :

  • contribute to the programme
  • enrich the professional experience of the class
  • enrich the cultural profile of the class
  • become an outstanding business leader or entrepreneur
  • become an ambassador for the School
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