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Rabobank Scholarship
Scholarship Name Rabobank Scholarship
Academic Year 2020
Scholarship amount £18,000
Nationality Any
Scholarship Deadline 28 October 2020

Who can apply ?

BSc students who will be entering their second year of study at Harper Adams University in the Autumn of 2020.

This opportunity is ideal for anyone looking to develop a career in the dairy or beef industry.  The awarded scholar will be part of a team that validates the genetics of the global bull population and you will have the chance to gain experience in a variety of areas, including sales, customer service, group presenting and marketing, as well as the occasional opportunity to work with cows during photography and on show stands. For more information on the placement role please see the job description under 'Downloads' at the bottom of the page.

Please note: a placement year with Genus ABS, based in Nantwich Cheshire,  must be suitable for your course area.  Should you require further clarification please discuss this with your Placement Manager.

The scholarship

The successful scholarship recipient will receive funding from Rabobank, a leading bank in the field of food and agri worldwide, valued at £18,000 over two academic years. £9,000 will be paid in years 2 & 4 of their academic study. In their third year, the scholar will  undertake a 12 month paid work placement with Genus ABS, the industry partner, working in association with Rabobank.

Please note:

  • The choice of placement provider is non-negotiable and failure to undertake a placement with Genus will result in the withdrawal of the Scholarship and the scholar will be required to repay the scholarship funds awarded.
    Harper Adams University, in association with Rabobank and Genus, reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship if satisfactory academic progress is not maintained and/or there is a breakdown in the relationship between the parties and the scholar.
  • The scholar must remain registered as a full time student at Harper Adams University; they must pass all modules of study during the continuation of their scholarship.

This is a competitive award and will be evaluated on the merit of the applicant, their application and interview. The decision of the Scholarship Panel is final.

Contact details

For further information on this scholarship please contact:

Development Trust Office

Tel: +44(0)1952 81 5095

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