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BU International Partnership Scholarship: Sunway University, Malaysia UG
Scholarship Name BU International Partnership Scholarship: Sunway University, Malaysia UG
Academic Year 2018
Scholarship amount £2,000 tuition fee reduction
Nationality Any

Key information

Entry For courses starting September 2018. Scholarships cannot be deferred.
  • Any Malaysian student who has completed a relevant course at Sunway University
  • You must be resident in Malaysia at the time of application
  • You must be studying a relevant course with the Faculty of Management
  • You cannot receive this scholarship in conjunction with any other BU scholarship
Value £2,000 (tuition fee reduction)
Number available Unlimited
Need to fill in an application No - you will automatically be considered for this award

Any student from Sunway University who is going on to study an applicable course at the Faculty of Management at BU will automatically receive this scholarship in the form of a tuition fee reduction during their first year.

You don’t need to apply and will receive the reduction in fees provided you have a relevant qualification from Sunway University and have met all conditions of your offer.

Relevant BU courses

Final Year entry:

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